Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pet Peeves: Being on Tree Patrol

So most of us who want to help save the Planet know that planting trees will help a lot towards that goal. Forests and especially rainforests such as those in the Amazon are being cut down at a tremendous rate. This is the REAL problem songbirds are facing. Bird people should put some of the negative energy that are placing into vilifying feral cats, into saving the rainforests.

There are some things we can all do to save the rainforests, such as eating fewer cheap burgers, or switching to veggie burgers (Burger King make a veggie burger, and Subway make a veggie burger sandwich)

 If we all ask other places such as Mac Donald's to offer veggie burgers, they may do so. I don't eat there so don't even know how to spell it properly? Is is Mc or Mac??

Anyway my main focus today is: Why do towns and cities plant trees and then don't care for them properly? I have seen this happen time and again in my town and in surrounding towns. The young trees don't get water, and then they just die. This is so sad. I have just seen this happen in my dog park.
Now I am very grateful to this town for even having a dog park, don't get me wrong.!! But they planted 5 or 6 trees and then let 3 of them die. I did complain to the town, and next day they set up Tree Gators!!

Now I have to make sure the Tree Gators get refilled!  So I will still be on tree-patrol. But may I suggest to you that you  watch all those trees planted by your towns and nag the town the minute you see the trees don't get watered!

The earth needs more trees here and in the rainforests, for the birds and other animals, and for us human beings. They help to cool the planet.

And young trees need humans to water them for the first year or 2. So help me be on Tree-Patrol!!